Maps of the USA

Black Maps USA of the United States of America
Music Notes 4

Maps of the USA

Artist David Bridburg works with an over arching genre known as Postmodernism.  Music Notes 4, the black map of the USA on a white background, signed, is part of Bridburg's Post Contemporary Collection.

The artist's basic concept is the use of public domain images to form new aesthetic out of them by applying more modern genres to the underlying images. In this regard, Bridburg has created Post Pop, Contemporary, Post Contemporary, Modern Conceptual and other artwork, always under the one umbrella. While the artist uses photographs, he strays in his computer work into several forms of digital abstraction. 

Bridburg decidedly never works within a singular style of art. This not related to the genres he achieves, but to the construct based nature of his ideas. Incorporating ideas into a single work of art, and then moving to add and subtract ideas one image to the next, the work never stands still.

Maps of the United States of America have power. Presented here in black, African Americans are given that power in this artwork. The work is a form of minimalism on a white space.

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